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release date:2020-03-27 11:37:53

Novice strategy

Working hours: AM9:00-PM22:00

1. How to register as a member?

Enter the phone number, receive the verification code, enter the login password, and fill in the invitation code to complete the registration.


2. How to top up?

In the personal center, click "Recharge", select "Payment Method", fill in the payment account number, and enter the "Recharge Amount" to complete the recharge. (Note: All recharges are not invested, and withdrawals are not allowed.)


3. How to register the real name?

In the personal center, click "Verify identity", enter your "real name and ID information" to complete the registration.


4. How to fill in the withdrawal bank account number and set the payment password?

In the personal center, click "Bind bank Card", fill in the withdrawal bank card number, name, and bank IFSC information, and click Finish.


5. How to invest in the project?

Click on the project, select the appropriate project, click on "Invest Now", enter the investment amount, enter the payment password, and then "click to invest now" to complete the investment.


6. How to check the income?

In the personal center, click "Investment record" to view.


7. How to check the investment project contract?

In the personal center, select "Investment record", behind the investment record, click "Download contract", and click to view the contract.


8. How to withdraw cash?

In the personal center, click "Withdraw", enter "Cash Amount", click the withdrawal to complete, within 5 minutes of working hours, the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.1000.


9. How to become an agent?

On the home page, select "Invite friends", copy "Share connection", and send your invitation code to a friend to complete the proxy.