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release date:2015-06-18 12:41:22

CASH COW FINANCE membership level table:


Special statement: For all members to apply for rewards, please contact online customer service or official customer service (whatsapp): +917076864166 to apply for rewards.

1. Under what circumstances can the VIP qualification be cancelled?

Thank you VIPs for their contributions to us and leaving so much memory and property. However, when the following situations occur, the VIP administrator still has to cancel your VIP qualification, I hope you can get your understanding!

(1) The official account warns those who have 3 times to cancel the VIP qualification;

(2) If your account balance is less than 100 rupees and you have not logged in to the member account within 1 year;

(3) When your account illegally collects commissions.

2. In the following two situations, you cannot apply for VIP for life.

(1) Abuse, harassment, and other things that cause harm to users on the site;

(2) It is not possible to arbitrarily collect commissions when you recommend yourself;

(3) VIP members must invest in a graded VIP project.