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Thumbtack Internet Service Project

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project name Thumbtack Internet Service Project
Item Amount: 2147483647Rs;
Daily dividend: PerDay3.0%Income (capital and interest guaranteed)
Amount: Minimum start200000Rs(Buy limit10Share)
Project duration: 60naturalDay;

200000Rs*3.0%*60Day=Total revenue 360000 Rs+capital200000Rs=Total principal and interest 560000 Rs

Repayment: Pay income every day, repay principal at maturity Holidays as usual;
Settlement time: Invest before 15:00 on the same day, the system will automatically calculate the interest and settle the income at 15:00 on the same day (for example, if you successfully invest at 15:00, you will receive dividends at 15:00 on the next natural day), and the system will return the dividends of the day and the product principal together at maturity In your member account;
Available amount: As long as the product is not full during the investment period, investors can invest freely.;
Financial security: Unite india insurance company limitedProvide for every investment on the platform100%Principal and interest protection, The platform establishes a risk reserve fund and promises to advance the principal in full;
Project Overview:

Funds raised for this project2147483647Rs,Invest in this project (according toDayInterest payment income is3.0%/Day)Project cycle60Day, The funds raised are used for the direct investment operation of the project. As an investor, the income is fixed and there is no risk. All risks of the operation are borne by the company and the guarantee company, and the investor does not need to bear any risk.

Thumbtack is an online service that matches customers with local professionals. Currently, Thumbtack lists about 500 types of services, such as family, health care, activities, and courses. Thumbtack is a technology leader in building a modern home management platform. Through the thumbtack app, homeowners can manage their homes.

Total investment: 13 billion U.S. dollars

Annual revenue: US$1.133 billion

Chief Executive Officer: Marco Zapacosta (August 2008 –)

Founded in: 2008

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

Founders: Marco Zapacosta, Sand Daniels, Jonathan Swanson, Jeremy Turnell

Subsidiaries: Setter Inc., HeartThis Inc.


User Amount Source Time
919****1627 48.00 09-21 22:07
912****6198 450.00 09-21 22:02
916****9887 39.00 09-21 22:08
912****4487 689.00 09-21 22:05
915****2234 970.00 09-21 22:09
913****9087 386.00 09-21 22:05
918****8152 979.00 09-21 22:03
914****4634 553.00 09-21 22:02
919****5692 887.00 09-21 22:07
911****5697 893.00 09-21 22:05