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CleverTap mobile marketing project

Guarantee agency:Unite india insurance company limited
Total investable
Starting amount:₹5000

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Project scale ₹ 2147483647
Investment horizon
Term description: 1 month = 30 days, divided into trading days and natural days
Day chemical income
10000Rs daily income₹180
  • Safety rating:Namely the project safety level, five stars means the project safety is extremely high;
    Safety rating
  • 是否限投:项目是否限制投资一次;
    LimitCannot reinvest
  • 给予投资人投资额度的机构。该授信额度仅用于投资人未能及时或不能偿还时,偿还该项目投资本息使用。
    Guarantee Unite india insurance company limited
  • 保障方式:担保机构给予投资人的投资额进行担保保障,100%兑付
    Ensure100% Principal and interest protection
Repayment method: Pay income every day, repay principal at maturity



Investment project:

CleverTap mobile marketing project

Project amount:


DayRate of return:

₹90 DayProfit;

Starting amount:₹


Project deadline:


Income calculation:

₹5000+₹5000*1.8%*7Day=Total revenue ₹ 630 +Principal₹5000=Total interest ₹ 5630

Repayment method:

Pay income every day, repay principal at maturity ;

Settlement time:

【Settlement Method】

Invest on the same day, accrue interest on the same day, and automatically settle the income within 24 hours (for example, if you successfully invest at 11:08, you will receive the income at 11:08 the next natural day), the system will return the income of the day and the product principal to your member account in;

Available amount:

As long as the product is not full during the investment period, investors can invest freely.

Use of funds:

Each investor’s investment funds will be traded by the company for unified trading operationsCleverTap mobile marketing projectproject


The guarantee agency provides 100% principal and interest guarantee for every investment on the platform, and the platform establishes a risk reserve fund, and promises to advance the principal and interest in full;

Project Overview:

The project to raise funds2147483647,IInvestment in the project in accordance with the (DayInterest payment income is1.8 %Day)Project cycle7natural Days,The funds raised are used for the direct investment operation of the project. As an investor, the income is fixed and there is no risk. All risks of the operation are borne by the company and the guarantee company, and investors do not need to bear any risks.

project instruction:

CleverTap is a SaaS-based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing company headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Total investment: 26500 billion rupees

Annual income: 960 million rupees

Founded in: May 2013

Chief Technology Officer: Suresh Kondamudi

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Founders: Sunil Thomas, Anand Jain, Suresh Kundamudi



A. Third party guarantee

Every financial product investment of Reliance Financial is guaranteed by the Indian Life Insurance Company to ensure the safety of investors' principal and interest and the timely return of funds.

B. Professionally supervised margin account

Reliance Financial requires all guarantee institutions to deposit 10% of the total margin to the group in advance, and the platform will deposit 10% of the margin into a special account for the financing balance. Bank of India provides supervision (project) and guarantees full repayment. The guarantee agency provides 100% joint and several liability guarantee for each product of its factoring, and pays it in full.

C. 24-hour investment tracking management

Reliance Financial is specially set up for the management of investment products. It tracks traders through a variety of methods such as market opening inspections, network supervision, and trader supervision, and reports on trader abnormalities and product transaction changes in real time.

D. Third-party payment, no fund pool

Rely on risk control financial management and investment financial management, focus on financial management can be verified, special funds are dedicated

E, earmarked for exclusive use

Reliance Financial's risk control margin account and investor fund accounts are clear, complete and verifiable, and special funds are used exclusively for special funds

F. Professional risk control team

Reliance Financial and Banshi International Law Firm, one of the four major international accounting firms, signed a professional service agreement. Professionals provide service guarantees and provide investors with professional and prudential protection of rights and legal services.

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Repayment plan

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