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Beginner's Guide

Time:2021-06-21 05:06:04


1. How to register?

At the top right of the APP, there is the word (Login/Registration), click Register and enter the relevant information to complete the registration.

2. Why can't the real-name certificate pass?

1. Please check if your name and ID number are entered correctly;

2. Please check whether your ID number has been authenticated by other usernames;

3. If the certification still fails, please contact online customer service for processing;

3.{Financial} Is there a fee for cash withdrawal on the wealth management platform?

No additional fees are required for withdrawals, and there is no limit to any fund management fees.

4. Is there an upper limit for recharge?

The platform has no limit on the amount of recharge, you can consult online customer service.

5. What is the recharge and withdrawal time?

Recharge time: unlimited; withdrawal time: Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00

6. How long does it take for the withdrawal to arrive?Is there a limit on the investment amount?

The account will be received within 1 hour after you make the withdrawal application, and the withdrawal amount shall not be less than 100 rs 

7.Is there a limit on the investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is 1000 rs, please refer to the APP project introduction for the investment amount;