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Time:2021-06-24 21:20:28

How to register an account?At the top right of the website, there is the word (login/register), click register and enter the relevant information to complete the registration. When registering, there is a [Recommendor] column. If you are recommended by a friend, fill in the [Recommendation] column. Mobile phone number or ID number (Recommendor), please leave it blank if there is no Recommendor.

What should I do if I don’t receive the verification code?(1) Confirm whether the SMS is intercepted or filtered by the mobile phone software.

(2) Confirm whether the mobile phone can receive text messages normally (signal problems, arrears, downtime, etc.(3) There may be a delay in the sending and receiving of SMS, please wait patiently.(4) You can contact the platform's online customer service, and the customer service will serve you.

Can the mobile phone number be modified after successful registration?The mobile phone number is used as the user name and cannot be modified after successful registration.

Does the loss of the phone affect the security of the account?Although the mobile phone number can be used as the user name to log in, but you still need to know the login password. In addition, account funds can only be withdrawn to real-name certified bank cards, so the loss of the mobile phone will not affect the security of the account, so customers do not need to worry.

Can the account be cancelled?The platform supports account cancellation and contact online customer service, abide by the promise, and will spare no effort to protect user information security.

Login password and payment password?1) There are two types of account passwords: login password and transaction password. The login password is used to log in to the account, and the transaction password is required when the funds change (investment or withdrawal).

2) After registration, the original password for payment is the initial registration password by default. For the security of your account, please change the payment and login password regularly, and make sure that the login password is set differently from the transaction password.

How to retrieve the login password and payment password?Click [forgot password] on the platform login page, the system will automatically jump to a new page, enter the mobile phone number bound to the current account, enter the verification code, and click [Next] to obtain the SMS verification code, enter and submit, then you can restart Receive SMS new login password and payment password.

How to change the login password?After logging in to the platform account, click "Modify Login Password" in the "Basic Information" on the left, enter the original login password and the new login password, and click [Submit Update] to complete the modification of the login password.

Why is real-name authentication required?In order to improve the account security level, ensure the security of funds and the validity of the contract, the platform requires that the real-name identity verification be completed before the first recharge. The process of security verification is simple and convenient, and it promises to keep all personal information strictly confidential.

Can it be modified after real-name authentication?To ensure the security of the account, after the real-name authentication is successful, the name and ID information can no longer be modified.

Is it cheating to register multiple accounts or register with multiple bank cards?Anyone can only register one account with their ID number.Please note: In order to protect the recommended rights and interests of the company and other investors, the company will strictly review malicious registration, especially when registering, if the information is incomplete, malicious or abnormal means are used, it will result in the system banning or the direct deletion of the account!

 Why do I need to bind a bank card?

The purpose of binding a bank card is to withdraw funds, so the account information of the bound bank card must be consistent with the real-name authentication information. When binding, please fill in the names of "ACC" and "IFSC" carefully, and submit after verification. If you are not sure about the IFSC information, please call the bank to which the bank card belongs in advance for consultation. If the information is not properly filled in, your withdrawal application may be returned by the bank.

Tips: Please provide the bank card account number you are applying for withdrawing, and make sure that the name of the account holder of the account is consistent with the real name on the ID card you provided on the platform, otherwise the withdrawal will not be successful.

 Can I change the bound bank card?You need to contact the online customer service staff to modify the bound bank card.

I have changed the bound bank card, which card will I withdraw funds to?After the user withdraws successfully, the funds will enter the bank card bound after the change.

How to top up the account?Click on top up to get UPI or bank card transfer, contact customer service for details.

Will there be a fee for recharging?The cost of recharge is collected by a third-party payment company, but the current user recharge fee is temporarily paid by the platform.

How long does it take to arrive after the recharge?After the recharge is successful, it will be credited to the account immediately. If you have confirmed that you have successfully paid through the bank, but your account does not show your recharge record, you can contact the platform's online customer service staff.

Is there a requirement for the daily recharge limit for the account?The daily payment limit is determined by the bank's daily payment limit, the third-party payment platform's daily payment limit and the payment limit set by the user on the bank card, and the limit is the minimum of the three. For details, please log in to each bank's official website or call the bank's customer service phone for inquiries.

Can I use multiple bank cards to recharge the same account?Can. Different bank cards can be used to recharge.

How to check the recharge record?After the user logs in to the platform account, click on the "Recharge Records" page in the "Financial Center" on the left to view all the recharge records.

It shows that the recharge is successful, but the account balance has not increased. what should I do?If you have confirmed the successful payment by bank card and upi or other methods, but your account balance has not increased, you can contact the platform's online customer service staff (provide ID and a screenshot of successful payment).

 How to withdraw cash?After the user logs in to the platform account, click "Withdraw cash now" in the "Financial Center" on the left, select the bank card (to ensure successful withdrawal processing, please bind the bank card in advance), enter the cash withdrawal amount and transaction password, and click [Withdraw] to withdraw cash The application can be successfully submitted.

Is there a fee for account withdrawal?The handling fee for each withdrawal is paid, and there is no handling fee for withdrawal.

How long does it take to get the account after withdrawal?(1) The application withdrawal time is: Monday to Sunday 09:00-20:00, after the withdrawal application is successfully submitted, the bank card will be available within half an hour (the specific situation depends on the rules of the bank to which the bank card belongs).(2) The cash withdrawal amount shall not be less than 1000RS.

What happened to the withdrawal failure?(1) Check whether the name of the bank card bound with the withdrawal is consistent with thename of the identity authentication.(2) IFSC information error.(3) ACC information error.(4) Use credit card to withdraw cash.(5) The bank account is frozen or is in the process of reporting the loss.Note: If you encounter the above situation, we will lift your fund freeze after receiving the notification of the payment institution's transfer failure. Please do not worry about the safety of your funds.

Does withdrawal support other people's bank cards?To protect the security of your account funds, you can only withdraw cash from the bank card under the registrant's name, otherwise the withdrawal application will not be accepted.

Does the platform charge investors?There is no charge for user investment.

What should I pay attention to before investing?(1) Please read the daily chemical rate of return, investment cycle and other information of the  selected product in detail.(2) Ensure that the amount of the account is sufficient, if it is not enough, please recharge in time.(3) Confirm the amount you will invest, and check whether the remaining amount of the selectedproduct meets your investment needs.

When will the income be calculated after the investment?The investment is subscribed on the same day, the interest is calculated on the same day, and the income on the same day is settled within 24 hours.

What kind of investment is right for me?Since everyone has different requirements for investment income and capital liquidity, the financial investment platform specializes in launching different products. After you compare all the products, determine the investment plan according to your own needs.

Is there a minimum bid amount limit?The amount of investment varies from project to project. The minimum project is a trial investment project for novices. For details, click on the project to view.

When can I invest?As long as the product is under the condition of full bid, it can be invested. After the bid is full, the financial investment platform will release new products, so stay tuned.

When will the investment maturity funds enter the account?On the day the investment expires, the principal and income can be returned to the user's financial investment platform account, and can be reinvested or applied for cash withdrawal.

Can it be cancelled after investment?No cancellation is allowed after investment.

Can I withdraw immediately after the investment expires?When the investment is due, the principal and income will be returned to your financial investment platform account on the day of maturity, and you can apply for cash withdrawal after the account is received.

How to view transaction records?After logging in to the platform account, "I want to withdraw", you can view "Recharge Record", "Withdraw Record" and "Offline Share Record"

What is the frozen amount?During the withdrawal process, the withdrawal application funds are temporarily frozen. After the withdrawal is successful, the frozen funds enter the bank card account; if the withdrawal fails, the funds are returned to the user account.

 Note: Before investing, please read the above investment process Q&A carefully. If you have any unclear questions, please consult online customer service。